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Homeowner Insurance

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Groveland Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance in Groveland, CA

I have lived in Pine Mountain for over 4 years now. And I must say, I love the mountains... However , living in Groveland, Pine Mountain Lake and surrounding areas have a certain challenge getting quality, affordable homeowners insurance. Most of the standard carriers will not write a policy in a “brush” area because of the fire risk. And many that have insured you for years are starting to issue non-renewal notices. There a few selected Insurance Companies that will consider quoting. And of those, there are still challenges because of your distance to a fire hydrant, Distance to a fire department, Age of construction, Wood burning stoves or inserts and weather it is a Rental vs. vacation home.

Every home that is quoted up here has to be “brush mapped” to measure the brush – fire exposure of your specific address. That report will determine the carriers that will be willing to provide a quote.

Also, your homes “protection class” is a factor in pricing and carrier acceptability. Protection class for homeowners insurance is a number that indicates how vulnerable a home is to a fire. This number is calculated by determining local fire-fighting capabilities and rating fire districts. The higher the protection class, the higher the Annual Premium is likely to be. Homes located 1,000 feet or less from a fire hydrant and less than 5 miles to the downtown Groveland Fire Department will be classified as a protection class 4. Most of Pine Mountain Lake is a protection class 4. However, homes that are over 5 miles are automatically increased to a protection class 10, which will generate a higher premium.

There will always be an inspection of the property after a policy has been issued. The inspection will produce a report that will outline any safety issues that may need to be addressed. I will review that report with you and help you respond to the recommendations that are required.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

Jess Skelley Groveland Insurance Agent